Alarming Signs Of Early Mortality

Early mortality rates in many countries largely depend on diet and health. How well people take care of what they eat and how they maintain their fitness and general health will determine if they will die early or not. Here are some early warning signs to look out for.

Deteriorating Sense Of Smell

If you find it increasingly difficult to determine the smell of different things, take it as a warning that there is something happening to you that may lead to early mortality. One study showed that the sense of smell is a biomarker in many genetic profiles. A fading sense of smell is linked to deteriorating vitality that can even predict mortality within a period of five years. Not only that, a fading sense of smell is also an indicator of a developing Alzheimer’s disease, a condition that can also shorten a person’s life span.

Breath Pauses During Sleep

A change in breathing patterns in your sleep can have an effect on your health. Sudden breath pauses during sleep can be an indication of sleep apnea. The severity of sleep apnea is associated with an increased risk of sudden cardiac arrest.

Odd-Looking Nails

The fingernails can be an indicator to the state of your health. If you notice that your nails have spots, discoloration, strange ridges, or becoming brittle, then it is something that your doctor should know. If your nails look paler than the other areas of your skin, it may be an indication of anemia, liver disease, or heart disease. Clubbed nails, which are a result of the nails growing to fit into swelling fingers, may indicate serious liver or kidney disease.

Brittle Bones

If you have broken your bones once, there’s nothing to worry about. But if you’ve experienced fractures multiple times already, then there might be something you need to consider. Poor bone health may not affect you when you are young. But it can become a life-threatening problem once you grow older. Brittle bones can lead to other problems such as arthritis and limited mobility, which can seriously affect your way of life.


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