Sleep and Your Brain

Your brain is an amazing organ. It is considered to be the control center of the entire body. It works hard in order to keep the body running in tiptop shape. Just like most of the body’s organs, it also needs to rest and relax now and then. This is where sleep comes in. Getting adequate sleep can help provide the brain with the rest that it needs. Unfortunately, a lot of people tend to forget about the importance of sleep. Here are the different benefits when your brain gets the rest that it needs day in and day out.

Improves Your Mental/Cognitive Functions

Sleep can also affect a person’s cognitive functions. A study about children suffering sleep disturbances such as snoring, sleep apnea and other interrupted breathing conditions are also more likely to suffer from learning and attention problems. Another study involving college students showed that those who did not get enough sleep also have worse grades compared to those students who do.

Improves Your Memory

Surprisingly, your brain does not totally shut down even if you sleep. It still actually works even when you rest. The brain starts to consolidate all the memories or skills you learned while you are awake.  Something happens when you sleep that allows people to remember and learn better. That is why people tend to perform better after getting enough sleep.

Strengthens Your Creativity

Adequate sleep does not only help consolidate memories and skills. It also seems to help the brain to restructure and reorganize them more efficiently. This seems to help strengthen and spur the creative process.



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