Developing Good Sleeping Habits In Today’s Kids

Most kids today enjoy the conveniences more modern gadgets than ever before. From smartphones, tablets, and computers accompanying televisions, there are more devices that can provide kids with mental and even emotional stimulation. With increased use, kids can sometimes end up over stimulated. This can eventually result in more and more kids getting less and less sleep over time. Getting enough sleep in an important component in a child’s growth and development, it is important for parents to help instill good sleeping habits in kids. Here are some tips that may help.

Avoid over stimulating kids a couple of hours before bedtime.    

It may be more convenient for parents just to have their kids enjoy using portable gadgets or watching TV while they are busy with more “productive” stuff without the disturbance. But this convenience can lead to overstimulation in kids can harm their development over time. The use of gadgets can prevent kids from developing their social interaction skills. Not only that, it might also expose them to content or information that they may not yet be ready for.

A child’s brain may need some time to wind down and get ready for sleep. Playing a favorite game app or watching a fun kid’s show on the TV may not be of help for a kid getting ready for bed. In order to develop good sleeping habits, parents should try making it a rule to prevent kids from watching TV or playing with their digital gadgets an hour or two before bedtime.   

Instead, parents should try to build a calm and relaxing atmosphere to help kids slow down and then doze off. This can help kids develop an improved sleeping schedule and eventually stick to it.

Prevent gadget addiction in kids.

One of the reasons why kids develop poor sleeping habits is due to gadget use addiction. Smartphones and tablets have become the primary means of entertainment and communication for a lot of kids. Daily use can cause an addiction that many kids can eventually find difficult to let go. Parents should try to prevent kids from developing this harmful addiction by setting strict time limits to gadget use

Reduce the exposure to blue light during bedtime.

Blue light coming from most home lighting, the TV and other digital display screens can affect sleeping patterns. This light can send signals to the brain that it is time to wake up. On the other hand, its absence can send signals to the brain that it is time to sleep. Try to reduce the exposure to blue light at bedtime by turning off light bulbs, TV’s and other portable devices. Other options include using warmer hued lights or using blue light filters to block it out.   


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