Think F.A.S.T To Recognize Stroke Signs

Stroke is a disease that has become a major cause of death and disability among people all around the world. It occurs when a blood vessel that carries oxygen and essential nutrients to the brain is suddenly blocked by a clot or bursts. When that happens, the brain tissues cannot get the oxygen it needs and the brain cells begin to die.

Recognizing the symptoms of stroke is important to surviving it. Early intervention when it happens increases the chances that one may be able to survive further damage. The American Stroke Association has developed the acronym FAST to help people recognize the common signs of a stroke and act upon it.

F for Face Drooping

One common sign of an impending stroke is a noticeable drooping of the face. This usually occurs only on one side which makes it easy to identify. But you need to also look for other symptoms before concluding that it may be stroke.

A for Arm Weakness

Aside from the face drooping, arm weakness is also another common symptom of stroke to look out for. It usually occurs on the same side of the body as the drooping of the face muscles. Sometime people may feel it as a sumbing sensation that tends to get worse and worse.

S for Speech Difficulties

Aside from face drooping and arm weakness, some people may also experience speech difficulties in an event of a stroke. It can be a slurring speech or a jumble of words that you just can’t understand, despite the person seemingly talking normally. Try to let him or her say “the sky is blue” without mumbling.

T is for Time to Call 911

When the above symptoms are identified in a person, then it is possible that he or she is experiencing a stroke. It is time to call 911 immediately. Immediate medical attention is essential for surviving a stroke. It can also help reduce further complications after going through one.



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