Dealing With The Coronavirus Threat At Home

The current Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic has affected the lives of people all over the world. In a matter of weeks, the virus has spread from the known epicenter in Wuhan, China to many parts of the world. Getting to its pandemic status has caused many people to live out their lives in relative fear and concern. The fact that a cure or a vaccine to protect against the said virus is not yet available has made it doubly worrying. But if you know how to prepare for this threat at home, then you will be able to lessen your worries and concerns. Here are some tips that will help you out.

Stock Up On Home Essentials

Community quarantine is currently considered as the best means of slowing down the spread of the virus. This will mean having to stay at home as much as possible to avoid contracting the virus. But before you do, try to stock up on home essentials such as food and other necessities. Try to take advantage of your storage area at home to replenish much-needed supplies to last you for a week or two. The lesser you venture outside your home, the less likely you would be at risk of the virus.

Have Disinfectants Handy At Home

In order to prevent the virus from spreading, you need to have disinfectants handy at home. The best way to disinfect yourself from the possible spread of the virus is by proper hand washing with soap and water. Soap contains compounds that destroy the outer fatty membrane of the virus, losing their ability to stick on surfaces and eventually die when washed out with water. Hand sanitizers and 70 percent alcohol solutions are also effective disinfectants against the virus. The only problem is that these products can irritate the skin with prolonged use. you can also stock up on disinfectant cleaners in order to use when home cleaning.

Make Your Medicine Cabinet Fully Stocked

The pandemic has caused hospitals in many countries to be overwhelmed with patients with COVID-19. It may be difficult for most people to proceed to hospitals for check up on other less serious health conditions. In addition, entering hospitals nowadays put you at a greater risk of getting the virus without wearing the necessary protective equipment. Your next best option is by avoiding going to hospitals altogether, except when you really need to. You may consider stocking up on essential over-the-counter medicines to treat certain conditions such as headaches, cough, fever, and other conditions not related to COVID-19.



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