Important Habits To Develop During The Current Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has caught entire world at a surprise. In such a short span of time, the infection has spread like wildfire all over the world. Many countries are reeling from its rapid spread as shown by the still increasing numbers of infections. Until a vaccine for the virus or cure for the disease has been found, the world is not yet safe. While the world is still waiting for the ultimate solution for the pandemic, the best way to avoid infection is by protecting oneself from exposure to the virus. Here are the best habits to develop for it.

Regular, Proper Handwashing

The best way to protect yourself from getting infected by the coronavirus is by preventing it from entering your body. The most common entry points of infection are in your nose, eyes, and mouth. The most common means of infection is through your hands since it always comes into contact with different surfaces that may harbor the virus. You can prevent this mode of infection through proper hand washing with soap and water. Scrub both your hands thoroughly with soap from 20 seconds to a minute. Then rinse thoroughly and dry with a clean towel.

Physical Distancing

Social distancing has become a widely used term since the onset of the pandemic. Distancing yourself at least one meter from another person reduces the risk of infecting each other. This is applicable whether you are with an infected person or an asymptomatic one. Close proximity with another person with the virus or others showing flu-like symptoms increases your chance of getting infected.


Another way to protect yourself as well as prevent the spread of the virus is through self-quarantine. Even if you do not show any symptoms associated with the coronavirus, putting yourself in quarantine can greatly prevent the virus from spreading through different hosts, especially during the pandemic. Proper quarantine practices require community cooperation in order to be successful. Strict implementation will enable the virus population to gradually die off due to lack of human hosts to infect in a certain area. It may also take some time before it can become successful in putting the pandemic in control.



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