Common But Ineffective Hygiene Habits

People want to avoid germs and harmful pathogens wherever they go. Over time, they develop different hygienic habits that will ensure that they prevent being contaminated. But sometimes these habits are not as effective as they may think. Here are some of those common habits worth looking into.

Placing Tissues On Public Toilet Seats

Whenever going to a public toilet, many people have the habit of placing toilet paper tissues on toilet seats before sitting on it. It might not be as effective as you might think. People usually use paper tissues for toilet cover, which can absorb liquids. These liquids may harbor some bacteria or virus that can still find its way into your behind. You might be better off not sitting on that public toilet seat. A better way is to wipe it with a disposable antibacterial wipe or a spray of alcohol before using.

Using A Part For Your Clothes To Open Doors

People usually use a sleeve or a handkerchief when handling doorknobs in order to avoid direct contact with possible germs. But that will not work to protect you. Instead, it will even move the possible germs into your clothing and contaminate it. A better option is to use disposable paper towels when trying to open questionable doorknobs.

Overusing Hand Sanitizers

Many people now have the habit of using hand sanitizers to disinfect hands all the time. While they may be effective in killing germs and harmful pathogens upon contact, overuse can strip away the natural skin bacteria. This proves to increase the risk of your skin becoming more vulnerable to other harmful bacteria. A better option is to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.



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