Common Myths About Sleep


Sleep is one of life’s simple luxuries. But despite that, many more people seem to neglect it all the more. Not only have that, a lot of people have been made to believe certain persistent myths about sleep. Here are just some of them.

Myth 1- Alcohol helps you sleepĀ 

Many people seem to believe that getting drunk before going to bed is a good remedy for getting some good quality sleep. But this is not actually the case. Getting very drunk with alcohol may make people difficult to wake up. But that does not mean that they are getting quality sleep. Alcohol can disrupt the usual brain cycles and patterns that lead to quality sleep. Those who got drunk the night before usually get a lot more poor quality sleep because of this.

Myth 2- When you sleep, so does your brain

This myth seems to indicate that people think that their brains also takes some rest when you sleep. In fact, the brain actually show a high level of activity during REM or Rapid Eye Movement sleep, which is considered to be the deepest level of sleep one can get. While some regions of the brain may slow down during non-REM sleep, there are other areas that go into action. This indicates that the brain is always in a consistent level of activity even during sleep.

Myth 3- Its dangerous to wake a sleepwalker

Many people believe that waking up a sleepwalker may cause a heart attack, making it dangerous. This is far from the truth. The only danger that sleepwalkers may experience is being in a higher risks for injuries from walking with their eyes closed. Another might be due to confusion and sudden fear when you wake them up abruptly. The best way to handle sleepwalkers is by coaxing them to go back to bed if they seem to respond to you.








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