Signs in Your Nails That Indicate Bad Health

Different parts of your body can show you signs that it may not be in good condition. There are also certain parts of the body that exhibit signs of a developing health condition. One of the more noticeable parts of your body may be the condition of your nails. In fact, how your nails look like can tell doctors that you may be experiencing certain health conditions. Here are just some of them.

Dark lines on your nails.

Dark lines on your nails may indicate a number of conditions. The dark lines may indicate a nutrient deficiency. It may also indicate a hereditary condition that a doctor may need to check. If you have dark brown or black lines across the nail, it may also indicate a mark of subungual melanoma or melanomas that occur under the nail.

Pits in your nails.

Small indentations, or pits in nails usually appear on fingernails instead of toenails. They may indicate certain conditions such as trauma, hair loss, or even nail psoriasis. Those found with the latter condition may also be experiencing the development of arthritis or inflammation. If you notice the pits in your nails gradually worsening, it may be time to have a visit to your doctor to check on what may be its underlying cause.

White spots in your nails.

White spots on your nails are known as leukonychia. They can either form on the nail plate itself (true leukonychia) or as spots underneath the nail bed skin (apparent leukonychia). True leukonychia could indicate arsenic or other heavy metal poisoning. Apparent leukonychia on the other hand, may indicate conditions that affect the heart, liver or kidney. To check if the white spot is a cause of concern, try to press on the nail in question. If the white spot does not change, it may not be a cause of concern. But if the white spot changes in color or disappears upon pressing the nail, then it may be coming from the nail bed skin. This may be an indication of a serious health condition that your doctor may need to check out.



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