Reasons For Always Feeling Thirsty

Water is an essential part of many of the body’s essential functions. When the body lacks water, many of these functions begin to falter. Thirst is your body’s way of telling you that it lacks sufficient hydration. But sometimes, there may be other underlying reasons why you might feel thirst more than usual. Here are some of them.

You have diabetes.

People with diabetes usually feel excessive thirst as a result of excess glucose levels spilling into the bloodstream. This tends to let diabetics urinate more frequently by making the kidney work overtime to get rid of the excess sugar levels. As more and more urine is expelled, the body detects that it needs more water. It then triggers that feeling of thirst. But as diabetics drink more water for hydration, more urine is produced, resulting in the two most common symptoms associated with diabetes- excessive thirst and excessive urination.

You may be anemic.

Anemia may be the reason why you feel thirsty more often than normal. It is a condition where the body struggles to produce healthy red blood cells. The body then will try to replace the fluids that it lost as a result, triggering those feelings of thirst. One of the symptoms associated with severe anemia is excessive thirst.

Your medication may be the culprit.

Certain medications can lead to side effects such as dry mouth. A number of antihistamines, antidepressants, and even diuretics for treating high blood pressure can cause dry mouth. This can cause you to drink more just to try and remedy your dry mouth.



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