Kidney Stone Warning Signs

There are many health conditions that may develop as a result of a person’s type of lifestyle. Having kidney stones may be one of them. Kidney stones are tiny hard objects usually made out of salt and mineral crystals that form in your kidneys. Normally, these objects may pass through your urinary tract without problems. But they can also cause certain symptoms if they become bigger or when they sometimes move.

Sometimes, you may not even know you have kidney stones. But if you are watchful enough, you can try to determine if you have kidney stones to get early treatment before they get worse. Here are some of the warning signs to watch out for.

Characteristics Of Your Urine

Kidney stones can have an effect on how your urine may look like. This can be attributed to what may be causing your kidney stones. If your urine looks cloudy, reddish or pink, brown, then it may be a sign that you may have kidney stones. If you notice that your urine has a bad and strong odor, it may also indicate kidney stones.

Sudden Intense Pain On Side Or Back

When kidney stones lodge into certain areas of your urinary tract and cause a blockage, this can lead to infection that can result in some pain. If you notice some pain in your lower back or on your side, this might indicate a kidney stone problem. The pain may sometimes come and go. The pain can also range in severity, from mild to severe.

Pain When Peeing

Feeling a sharp pain or a burning sensation when you pee may indicate a number of health conditions. One of them can be attributed to kidney stones. Once a kidney stone finds its way between the ureter and the bladder, it can sometimes cause pain when you pee. Sometimes the pain can be mistaken for a urinary tract infection when it is caused by kidney stones. It is important to have a medical professional check it out to identify the cause of the pain.



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