Health Warnings You Should Never Ignore

Keeping your body healthy will ensure you that you enjoy life more. That is why you always need to heed the signs that your body is telling you. The early you act upon it, the better your chances of turning a potentially bad health condition around. You should be able to identify these health warnings early on. Here are some worth watching out for.

Headaches That Won’t Go Away

Having that occasional headache is normal. It can sometimes be treated with an over-the-counter painkiller or with a massage. But having persistent headaches is another thing. If you have a headache that doesn’t seem to go away with OTC painkillers or a couple of days’ worth of sleep, your headaches may be something else. It may indicate something serious like a tumor or a sign of stroke. Pay also a close attention of the other symptoms that your headaches come with. If the headache is accompanied by vomiting, facial asymmetry, arm weakness, visual changes, and slurred speech, the immediate medical attention is essential.

Itchy and Bleeding Moles

The skin can come with different marks that can be identified as freckles, moles, beauty marks, and more. While most of these marks may not pose any problem, you still need to observe how they look like over time. Take, for example, moles that start to itch or bleed. They may turn out to be melanoma.

Experiencing a sharp abdominal pain can sometimes be attributed to gas-related pains or even food poisoning. That is something you should not take for granted. Intense abdominal pain can also be a result of other serious conditions such as appendicitis, colitis, gallbladder issues, kidney stones, stomach ulcers, and many others. If you feel a sharp pain in your abdomen that seem to get worse rapidly, you need to see a doctor immediately to determine what is causing it.



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