Medical Reasons For Sleeplessness

A lot of people always find it difficult to sleep at night. It can be a problem that will eventually affect your health if you do not address it. The first thing you need to do is to identify the reason why you cannot sleep at night. Here are some of the reasons you should have in mind.


A change in sleeping patterns is a common and yet often overlooked sign of depression. People who have this condition can find it hard to fall asleep or stay asleep at night. If your sleep problem is accompanied by mood changes, general disinterest, or unexpected weight gain or loss, you should try to get a mental health evaluation as soon as possible.

Magnesium Deficiency

Another reason for your sleeping problems may be due to a lack of the mineral magnesium. Studies show that magnesium helps in boosting mood and lower your stress levels. Magnesium deficiency can lead to nerve irritability, decreased serotonin production, adrenal surges, and muscle cramps. All these symptoms can interfere with sleep.

Medical Stimulants

Your sleeping difficulties can sometimes be linked to the medication you are taking. There are certain medicines such as some steroids, stimulants, and antidepressants that can make sleeping difficult at night. Some over-the–counter medications for pain, allergies, and colds can sometimes contain ingredients such as caffeine that can disrupt your sleep. Mention to your doctor about the medications you are taking to see if they may be the reason for your sleeping difficulties. Ask for possible medication alternatives available that will not contribute to your snooze problems.



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