Warning Signs Your Legs Are Telling You 

Your body can show you signs that it may not be well. Different parts of the body may be able to tell you that there is something wrong. Your legs, for example may be able to provide you some warning signs about your health. Here are some of them.

Dull Cramping In Your Legs

If you often experience some dull cramping in your legs for no apparent reason, it may be something worth going to the doctor for. It can be a type of leg exhaustion associated with peripheral vascular disease or PVD. It is a sign of poor circulation caused b y a narrowing of the blood vessels.

Sudden Weakness or Numbness In Legs And Arms 

Experiencing a sudden numbness or weakness in the legs or arms can be a sign if a serious neurological condition or a cardiac event. If you lift both your arms and the other hand drops down while the other stays in the air, it may be a sign of a stroke. Weakness and numbness in the arms and legs

Swollen And Red Joints 

Aching and swollen joints may already be a symptom for some injury. But if your skin also shows redness and feels warm to touch, it may indicate a serious condition. Swollen red joints can be a symptom of bacterial or septic arthritis. It is caused by bacteria that find its way to your joints. It progresses and damages the cartilage in the infected area quite quickly.



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