Health Warning Signs Women Shouldn’t Ignore

Women can experience certain health conditions that can greatly affect their way of life. Certain symptoms can be warning signs of something that might get serious over time. Here are some of the warning signs that women should watch out for.

Long Heavy Menstrual Cycles

The menstrual period can be different among women. Some may have their periods from two to seven days each cycle. Others may also have it more than seven days and even have two periods in a month. If you experience long heavy menstrual cycles, you may need to have your doctor check it out. Long or multiple periods in a menstrual cycle can be a sign of cervical cancer. It may also be linked to other conditions such a uterine polyps or PCOS.

Hot Flashes In Younger Women

Hot flashes are considered as more common among older women experiencing menopause. It is characterized by a sudden feeling of heat that makes women sweat seemingly out of the blue. If hot flashes seem to occur in women of younger age, then it may be a sign of something serious. It may be an important marker for a woman’s fertility going on a decline. It should not be ignored and should be addressed immediately.

Dimples In Breasts

If you feel dimples in your breasts, you may want your doctor to check it out. Dimples in your breasts can be a sign of breast cancer. If left unchecked, it can gradually progress. Early detection of breast cancer is very important in order to increase the chances of surviving it.




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