Head-Related Symptoms Not To Ignore

Certain symptoms that you feel can be a way to know what condition your body may be in. There are certain symptoms linked with the head that may prove to lead towards the development of serious ailments. Here are some of them that you should try not to ignore.

Sudden Change In Mental Status

This is a symptom that a person may not be able to identify alone. It may only be obvious to the people around him or her. Bouts of confusion or a sudden change in mental status can be due to a number of different reasons. It can be a symptom brought about by intoxication, substance abuse or withdrawal from certain types of medications. When the change of mental state is accompanied by high fever, then it may be caused by a brain infection such as encephalitis or meningitis. Sudden bouts of confusion may also come as a result of a head injury, seriously low blood sugar levels, a reaction to a new medication, or a stroke. Whatever the cause of the symptom may be, it is important to bring it up to a medical professional immediately.

Dizziness And Fainting

Light-headedness can be a sign that will tell you that something serious may be going on. Experiencing sudden fainting spells or dizziness can be a result of a rapid drop of blood pressure. The drop in blood pressure can be due to several reasons such as cardiac problems, neurological disorders, and other infections. Dizziness and fainting can also be a result of anemia due to gastrointestinal bleeding or heavy periods. It is important to schedule a doctor visit if you frequently experience fainting spells or dizziness for seemingly no reason at all.

Persistent Feeling Of Sadness

Sadness may be a normal feeling for people to feel, it can also be telling you of a serous underlying condition. If you feel down all the time and your feelings don’t seem to improve after a couple of weeks, then it may already be a sign of depression. While others can go through depression and then recover, you cannot usually do it on your own. You may need to seek medical attention if you begin to have feelings of persistent sadness.



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