Health Warnings You Should Not Ignore

The human body is a robust yet sensitive piece of living machine that can be affected by outside forces. It can provide warning signs depending on what and how it is affected. It is always important to heed these warning signs and address them in order to avoid what may be a serious condition to becoming worse over time.

Thunderclap Headaches

A thunderclap headache is characterized by a sudden and severe headache that seems to come out of nowhere. They can get worse in as little as a minute and can last for at least five minutes. This type of headache can indicate a brain bleed or clot. It can also be a result of a spike in blood pressure or a stroke. A thunderclap headache can also be a result of infection such as encephalitis or meningitis. If you experience one, try to see a doctor immediately to determine the right cause.

Chest Pain

It may be the most common sign of an impending heart attack but many people still ignore it. Chest pain may be due to other reasons such as indigestion, anxiety, or acid reflux. But it is important to know exactly what is causing the chest pain by having your blood tested among the other health analysis needed. Early detection of a heart attack can greatly increase your chances of surviving and avoid sudden death.

Slurred Speech

Experiencing a sudden bout of unintelligible speech can indicate that a stroke in the brain’s language center is developing. It may be a case of garbled speech or mixing up words to the point that they become incoherent. A common accompanying symptom to watch out for is the sudden drooping of one side of the face. Once you experience this, call 911 immediately or have others do it for you.



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