Common Causes Of Insomnia

Having trouble sleeping can affect your general health over time. People will only appreciate the importance of sleep once they are deprived of it. There are many reasons why people can suffer from insomnia. Here are just some of them.


Headaches and migraines can be so painful that it can prevent people from getting any sleep. What is even worse, not getting enough sleep can also worsen the pain of headaches. Addressing the headaches and its causes can sometimes help resolve your sleep problems.


An excessive feeling of anxiety can be enough to give you trouble sleeping at night. It can cause you to feel so restless that you have difficulties falling as well as staying asleep. Unknowing to most people, excessive feelings of anxiety coupled with changes in sleeping patterns can be an indicator of depression. If you have insomnia as a result of anxiety along with mood changes and general disinterest, try to get your mental health evaluated.

Nasal Issues

People with nasal issues such as a deviated septum and serious sinus conditions can have a problem getting some much-needed sleep. Normally, people breathe through their nose even when asleep. Nasal congestion and other similar issues can prevent this and even cause people to snore. Issues with proper breathing can then lead to poor sleep.



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