Health Warnings During Pregnancy Women Should Not Ignore

Pregnancy can be an exciting as well as a concerning time for many women. Expecting a child comes with worries whether it will come out healthy and safe. Pregnant women should also learn to watch out of certain warning signs that may affect their pregnancy. Here are some health warnings to watch out for.

Abnormal Swelling

A pregnant woman may feel swollen everywhere during her pregnancy. While it may be generally a normal feeling, a visible and intense swelling, especially on the face, hands, and feet may be a cause of concern. It could be a result of preeclampsia, a condition that occurs when a pregnant woman’s blood pressure suddenly skyrockets and her kidney function is compromised. This condition needs to be addressed to avoid it from becoming severe and potentially affect the delivery of the baby.

Decreased Movement From The Baby

While the baby moving inside the womb may sometimes be uncomfortable, it is something that pregnant women should always try to monitor. If there is a decreased movement from the baby, especially around the third trimester of the pregnancy, it is better to err on the side of caution. It is wise to head to the hospital to have your baby checked if no movement is felt. One common cause may be because the umbilical cord has wrapped around the baby and has cut off the blood supply. When that is the case, the baby may need to be delivered immediately.

Extreme Itchiness

Skin itchiness may be normal for anyone pregnant. It usually expands on the skin over a growing belly. But when it becomes intense and prolonged, then it may no longer be as normal. Intense itchiness may be a sign of intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy or ICP. This condition can do damage to the liver and increase the risk of stillbirth. Aside from the itchiness, pregnant women should also look out for dark-colored urine, yellowish eyes and skin, as well as light-colored stool.



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