Surprising Headache Triggers

People can experience headaches now and then. But others experience bothersome headaches just too often. It is sometimes better if you can prevent one from happening by knowing what triggers them. There are the usual ones like noise, certain smells, and very bright, flashing lights. But there are also surprising headache triggers that you may not know about. Here are just some of them.


Feeling thirsty is bad enough for many people. Prolonged thirst can lead to headaches. That is because dehydration can cause the brain to contract due to the lack of fluids. This can cause the brain to pull away from the skull, which can then result into headaches.

Incorrect Posture

Bad posture has increasingly been the reason why people experience tension headaches. Most of the time, it can be attributed to prolonged portable gadget use. Frequent use of laptops, smartphones, and tablets causes people to often look down, putting the neck in an unnatural position. Some lean forward when checking their smartphones and other hand-held gadgets instead of keeping the spine straight. This can put additional pressure to the joints and the nerves in the neck. After a while, this can trigger a headache.

Caffeine Withdrawal

While getting a little amount of caffeine can help with headaches and migraine, too much of it can lead to more headaches. If your body has grown accustomed to high amounts of caffeine and you suddenly stopped, you can actually increase your chances of getting headaches.  Caffeine withdrawal becomes a headache trigger. Avoid this by gradually lessening your caffeine intake to lower amounts.


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