When Hives Become Serious

Hives, also known as urticaria, is a common health condition that can happen to anyone. It starts out as a sudden outburst of itchy and raised reddish welts from the skin. There are a number of reasons for this condition. Hives can commonly happen as an allergic reaction to food or medication. It can also be a reaction to an irritant found in the environment. They can also pop up as a reaction to a viral or bacterial infection.

While different people can suffer from the hives at any time, most cases are not that concerning. True, they can be annoying to have, but they are not that worrisome. It usually takes getting an over-the-counter antihistamine to manage the symptoms like itchiness until the condition goes away. But there are also other cases of the hives that can end up becoming a very serious, and life threatening condition. There are symptoms that come with hives to watch out for. Here are some of them.

Breathing Difficulties

Having trouble breathing that comes with a bout of hives can be concerning. It can be a result of a very serious allergic reaction that requires immediate medical attention. Once you start having breathing difficulties, contact your doctor immediately.

Swelling Joints

Painful swelling of the joints is not a common symptom with having a simple case of the hives. If the joint pain comes with a fever, chances are that you may be suffering from a condition known as urticarial vasculitis. This condition happens when the blood vessels get inflamed that lead to hives. But the condition can sometimes lead to restricted blood flow and cause damage to organs and tissues.

Trouble Swallowing

Sometimes the hives can also affect the throat. The tissues on the throat can start to swell that usually leads to swallowing difficulties. This is a symptom that you can’t just ignore. It can sometimes cause throat tissues to swell so much that it can potentially block your airway. Try not to ignore this symptom when you have a bout of the hives.



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