Becoming More Emotionally Resilient

People react indifferent ways when faced with situations where stress and pressure are consistently rampant. Some people learn how to endure and even thrive while others react the opposite way. One main factor that will determine how they react to stressful circumstances is how emotionally resilient they may be.

Emotional resilience generally refers to the ability of a person to adapt to stressful situations. People who are emotionally resilient are able to cope up with pressure and life changes, both major and minor. While some people are born emotionally resilient, it is also possible to develop it over time. Here are some of the ways you can improve your emotional resiliency.

Learn To Control Your Thoughts

People under stress seem to lose it when they become overwhelmed with their thoughts. Learning how to control what you are thinking can help a lot in preventing you from your emotions getting the best of you. Try to keep a hopeful outlook and accept that setbacks and obstacles are part of life. Try to focus on working towards any goals you have.

Maintain An Active Support Group      

Being able to cope up with pressure and stress usually requires the help of a support group of friends or family that will help you bear the load. Maintaining relationships with people with whom you can air out your concerns, worries and, thoughts as well as receive advice will help you build up your emotional resilience over time. Try to prioritize and value these relationships that help provide you with an emotional anchor to hold on to whenever you think things are getting out of hand.

Keep Yourself Healthy

Building up your emotional resilience also requires that you keep yourself healthy both mentally and physically. Staying healthy also means that you can help your mind more able to cope up with the various stresses in life. With a healthy mind, you may be able to better manage your emotions. Over time you will become more resilient and improve your coping mechanism to stress.


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