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Becoming More Emotionally Resilient

Friday, June 25th, 2021
People react indifferent ways when faced with situations where stress and pressure are consistently rampant. Some people learn how to endure and even thrive while others react the opposite way. One main factor that will determine how they react to stressful circumstances is how emotionally resilient they may be. Emotional resilience generally refers to the ability of a person to adapt to stressful situations. Peopl

Dealing With Social Isolation And Loneliness

Sunday, June 20th, 2021
The ongoing pandemic has disrupted how people live normally. Trying to minimize the effects of Covid-19 among the general population has led to frequent lockdowns in certain cities to slow down the spread of the virus. It has led to many people experiencing social isolation and loneliness for an extended length of time. It can be quite stressful and depressing for many people. Here are some ideas on how you can de

Check Your Health At Home

Monday, March 29th, 2021
Your health is always important. That is why you need to monitor it regularly. But in a time such as a pandemic, going for medical checkups may not be as convenient as before, especially if what you only need is an evaluation of your overall health. There are different ways to monitor your overall health that you can initially do at home. Here are just some of them. BMI Check Body mass index or BMI is a way to meas

Ways Of Fending Off Sleep

Sunday, February 28th, 2021
There are times when you need to rest and sleep. There are also times when you need to stay awake and alert. Oftentimes, it does not always work the way people expect things to work. There are times when they can’t sleep when they need to sleep and feel sleepy when they need to stay awake. For the latter, there are ways to try fending off sleep and stay alert when needed. Here are some tricks that you can try

Habits That Will Help Your Heart

Saturday, February 20th, 2021
Heart health is an important part of ensuring that you stay fit. After all, you can consider it as the engine that keeps your body moving. Taking care of your heart involves trying to establish good habits that will help it in tiptop shape. Here are some of those good habits that you should consider. Sleep Early Sleeping early ensures that you get enough sleep that your body needs to rest and rejuvenate. Getting at

Health Warnings You Should Not Ignore

Wednesday, January 13th, 2021
The human body is a robust yet sensitive piece of living machine that can be affected by outside forces. It can provide warning signs depending on what and how it is affected. It is always important to heed these warning signs and address them in order to avoid what may be a serious condition to becoming worse over time. Thunderclap Headaches A thunderclap headache is characterized by a sudden and severe headache t

Warning Signs Your Legs Are Telling You 

Wednesday, January 6th, 2021
Your body can show you signs that it may not be well. Different parts of the body may be able to tell you that there is something wrong. Your legs, for example may be able to provide you some warning signs about your health. Here are some of them. Dull Cramping In Your Legs If you often experience some dull cramping in your legs for no apparent reason, it may be something worth going to the doctor for. It can be a

Health Warnings You Should Never Ignore

Sunday, November 15th, 2020
Keeping your body healthy will ensure you that you enjoy life more. That is why you always need to heed the signs that your body is telling you. The early you act upon it, the better your chances of turning a potentially bad health condition around. You should be able to identify these health warnings early on. Here are some worth watching out for. Headaches That Won’t Go Away Having that occasional headache

Tips To Fight Off Everyday Stress

Wednesday, October 14th, 2020
More people today lead busy lives taking part in a rat race world. Add to that the convenience of getting information at virtually lightning speed, people start to face a lot more stress than normal. If left unchecked, chronic stress can result in symptoms that can do damage to one’s health. There are different ways people can beat stress. Here are some of them. Picture Out Relaxation Stressful people can fin

Boosting Your Brainpower

Tuesday, September 15th, 2020
A human’s capacity to think logically, rationally, and creatively is what makes him stand over all the different living species on earth. Brainpower is such a valuable resource that has led to many innovations and modern advances that make our lives even better than before. For the common individual, taking care of brain health becomes all the more important. Cognitive function can sometimes be impaired due