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Common Actions That Weaken Your Teeth

Wednesday, March 21st, 2018
Having strong and healthy teeth is important when achieving total oral care. But there are certain things that people do that can affect the health of your teeth.  There are some quite surprising ways that people do every day that can actually weaken your teeth. Here are just some of them. Excessive Brushing Of Teeth Brushing your teeth daily is essential to good oral health. While it may be a good habit, not doin

What Your Mouth Says About Your Health

Friday, May 26th, 2017
A person’s health can be determined in many different ways. The body shows some hints of its condition through its different parts. That is why it is possible to determine certain conditions simply by looking what your mouth has to show. Your mouth can also indicate certain things about your health aside from telling you if you follow bad dental hygiene. Here are some things about your health that your mouth

Electronic Cigarettes Just As Harmful for Oral Health As Tobacco

Friday, December 2nd, 2016
The popularity of electronic cigarettes is based on the fact that it is being marketed as a safer alternative for tobacco. While it may help in trying to curb nicotine addiction is some people as a result of smoking, it may just be as harmful as tobacco in other health aspects, as stated by a study published in the journal Oncotarget. Electronic cigarettes have become widely used as a safer alternative for conventi